High Frequency Homes

“Everything is energy, that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, it is physics.”

— Albert Einstein

What is energy? One definition states, Energy exists in different forms but is neither created nor destroyed, it simply converts to another form.” Therefore energy is malleable, we can choose to create it in any form that we desire.

Our home and workspace are no different. It is all energy and has a frequency—even inanimate objects. When we consciously create space,   energy moves accordingly, thereby changing the frequency at which our homes are vibrating. We actually change what we attract to us by the environment we create.

In my experience when there is something that I want to transform or achieve, I have learned to first create the environment that expresses that energy. It then becomes much easier to have it materialize. I have successfully worked with people to improve their business, money flow, physical health and love relationships. Clients routinely report that they experience more joy and aliveness in their space.

Learning about the nature of energy and frequency and its effect upon our environment has been my focus for many years. It has led me to study Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui, the healing arts and the transformative nature of color and sound. Altering the frequency of a space has a profound effect on our lives. Even if it is subliminal, it is perceived and creates a shift. It is what I call creating Sacred Space.


“I had always wanted to record an album. After years of writing songs and playing shows and trying to get friends to help me record I still couldn’t get any solid support. After Lynne Latham Feng Shued my home, with special attention to my  “fame wall”, two weeks later I was in a studio recording my music with backing from 2 investors!! It was truly a miracle. Thank you Lynne!”
– Jessica Fleischer, Singer/Songwriter, Beverly Hills
“This was the first time my fiance, David and I explored Feng Shui. David  and I got two new job offers, David’s Uncle, who lives with us also had a wave of opportunity arrive. He booked two new jobs as an actor and musician. We are enjoying the house so much, everywhere I look makes me smile.
Working with Lynne has been an amazing experience, we had run out of closet and storage space and felt like the rooms in our house were closing in on us. We not only reclaimed our space from the clutter, but also gained greater clarity and focus and have been able to further define our life goals and it is very uplifting. We are so grateful!”
– Renee Riviera, Jewelry Designer, Los Angeles